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  • On top of complying with health, fire and building codes, it is vital to put together a well designed Exhaust Hood-Ventilation System for your New Commercial Kitchen, cost is always an issue, were here to help you with your short term budget or long term energy savings goal.
  • Commercial cooking equipment generates large quantities of grease laden air and pollutants, It takes a well thought out and engineered exhaust system to maintain a comfortable and safe work enviornment.    Temperature Swings, your buildings existing or available utilities, hours of operation and type of Equipment being used is taken into consideration when quoting your new Range Hood System.   
  • With the rise of Restaurants in Historical Properties and Hi Rise applications, reduced Clearance to combustibles "Working with Old Wood Buildings" has become a key point to address in the specification process along with determining which EMS "Energy Management System" will work best for your application, nothing works without it, the EMS as well as the fire suppression system is typically missing from most internet sourced Range Hood System listings.
  • Your Range Hood System is normally the single most expensive item in the Restaurant, with potentially high operating costs if not engineered correctly, your Range Hood System typically costs more than the Cooking Equipment it protects so help is just a quick phone call or email away, our Experts are here to help you assess your requirements and avoid costly mistakes.


Various Styles of Exhaust Hoods, Which one are you looking for?