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For over three decades, Chef Supply has stood as a beacon of excellence in the realm of commercial kitchen and restaurant design, planning, and installation. Our project team boasts a rich history of successful projects across a wide array of sectors within the foodservice industry, including restaurants, hotels, casinos, hospitals, assisted living facilities, churches, and schools.

Our deep understanding of various foodservice concepts positions us as an indispensable asset to your design team. We are committed to meticulousness in our work and are wholly dedicated to bringing your visions and objectives to life.
Our Services

Chef Supply is eager to collaborate on projects involving commercial kitchen design, exhaust hoods, or walk-ins. Our team includes in-house AutoCAD designers and boasts extensive project management experience, expert installation services, and a vast inventory of over 5,000 products. We are prepared to support architects, contractors, and clients from the project’s inception to its completion.

– AutoCAD Design tailored to meet the specifications of architects and contractors while accommodating the special requirements of clients. Important considerations during the design process include electrical and plumbing needs as well as compliance with health code regulations.
– Project Management to ensure projects proceed smoothly, finishing both on time and within budget.
– Professional Exhaust Hood Design accompanied by Delivery & Installation, promoting proper airflow and guaranteeing years of safe operation with regular maintenance.
– Complete Kitchen Design coupled with Equipment Delivery & Installation, facilitating an optimal workflow and preserving manufacturer warranties through correct installation.
– Technical Service & Support offering warranty assistance, coordination with authorized service agents, on-site and drop-off repair services, and parts sales for those preferring to do it themselves.

Info for Architects and Contractors – AutoCAD Drawing
Info for Architects and Contractors – Delivery and Installation
We’re More than Just an Equipment Supplier

While Chef Supply operates the region’s premier restaurant supply store, we are also a full-service dealer, complete with professional installers and technicians dedicated to ensuring job completion and equipment start-up. This comprehensive approach may also encompass equipment training or service assistance, contributing to a smoother transition for the end user.

Our professional team engages closely with clients from concept through to completion. We ask the pertinent questions, guide clients through all viable options from space allocation to workflow planning to equipment and furniture selections, and ensure the plan is executed flawlessly, on time, and within budget.

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