Kitchen Remodel

Chef Supply was tasked with gutting this entire kitchen and turning it into a highly efficient kitchen with custom stainless steel hanging double over shelves with heat lamps. Including a second exhaust hood system. New poly-crete flooring that can be applied over top of existing quarry tile without removal. New FRP walls & ceiling grid and much, much more.

Walk-In Cooler

Chef Supply was asked to remove a couple very large combination walk in coolers from Kentucky Fair & Expo Center. We demoed the customer 4-compartment walk in cooler/freezer unit along with a 2-compartment walk in cooler/freezer. This included installing large sliding doors roller doors and additional enclosure panels to hide unsightly areas above & around walk in.

Custom Fabrication

Chef Supply through our in-house stainless steel fabrication shop, this large aluminum work platform so that our customer could have easy access to repair any issues that may arise on their exhaust fans without risking accidentally falling off this steep pitched roof.

Churchill Downs

Just a sneak peak at some of the progress going on at Churchill Downs for their remodel for Kentucky Derby 150.