A Restaurant

Ever pondered “how do I start a restaurant?” Many embark on the journey towards opening a restaurant, only to encounter the myriad of steps required. At Chef Supply – Your Culinary Equipment Partner, we’re excited to be part of your restaurant dream and are committed to supporting you at every juncture! We’ve teamed up with several of our restaurant collaborators to offer you all the resources necessary for launching your restaurant.
Make A Plan when Starting A Restaurant

In the realm of restaurant opening, “Definitely plan it out,” advises Max Bloom, Managing Owner/Partner of Parlour Pizza. “If you’re kinda winging it and don’t have a budget, it’s extremely easy to overspend, with unexpected expenses cropping up daily.” Chef Supply has been a long-time partner of Bloom and Parlour, catering to their every need from smallwares to comprehensive restaurant design. Whether it’s outfitting your dining space or equipping your kitchen with the necessary smallwares, Chef Supply is here to help you meticulously plan for every item within your budget.

A significant aspect of your restaurant’s success hinges on its design and the functionality it offers to both your staff and patrons. Chef Supply possesses the expertise and insight to craft the ideal commercial or restaurant kitchen tailored to your needs and specifications. Utilizing AutoCAD technology, we collaborate closely with contractors and architects to provide detailed drawings that reflect your vision, plan, space, and budget, ensuring excellence at every phase.

Selecting the right products during your restaurant or kitchen’s design phase is crucial for your success. From walk-in refrigeration to cooking equipment, food prep, and smallwares, we supply everything you need. “The expertise you’ve provided in choosing products based on our menu has been instrumental,” says Brian Nunn, Majority Owner of The Restaurants at Science Hill and The Red Lion. Our seasoned sales team, with decades of foodservice industry experience, is eager to assist you. We’re dedicated to identifying the ideal equipment for your requirements. Consider scheduling a demonstration with a piece of equipment to test it before making a purchase!

Choosing the right smallwares package is vital to your restaurant’s design and success. These items will be part of your customer’s daily experience in the front of the house. Don’t delay your smallwares decision-making, as finalizing your selection can take several weeks. Engage with one of our Smallwares Specialists to request complimentary glassware and dinnerware samples – to truly distinguish your establishment!

After finalizing your design choices, it’s time for your products and equipment to be delivered and installed. Our warehouse team will meticulously manage your products to guarantee a seamless delivery. Following this, our professional installers will ensure your items are installed timely. “The process was made very easy. Undertaking the remodel we did was daunting. The remodel has been extensive… Chef Supply has been exceptional to collaborate with,” remarked Mark Smith, owner of Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken. “Continual investment in your restaurant is essential for the future. Keeping your restaurant modern is crucial.” We anticipate installing your equipment and delivering excellence with every interaction.

As your restaurant becomes operational, our commitment to providing top-tier customer service for every need continues. Whether it’s fryer hoses, water filters, new smallwares, or larger equipment, Chef Supply stands ready to assist at every step. If you’re initiating a restaurant venture or managing an existing one, you can rely on Chef Supply. Email ( or call us (502-585-1907) TODAY!

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